Saturday, October 11, 2014

Grey Herringbone Nail Art

Grey Herringbone Nail Art by @chalkboardnails

After posting my first metallic herringbone nail art, I felt compelled to do another herringbone pattern! This time, I wanted to do my lines a bit smaller, thinner, closer together. I paired a light and dark grey, and after I had finished the pattern I decided it would look nice if I filled in some of the spaces with more colors.

Grey Herringbone Nail Art by @chalkboardnails

Nail polishes used:
LVX Oyster
LVX Anthracite
LVX Aster
LVX Orchid

I painted the lines freehand with a small detail brush, and despite looking kind of shaky in the macro photos, it looked legit in person. I wore this for three days and loved it the whole time!

Grey Herringbone Nail Art by @chalkboardnails

I really want to try this in neon colors, now, with black outlines. So many nail art ideas, so little time!

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Grey Herringbone Nail Art
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