Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Flannel and Lace - China Glaze Twinkle Collection Nail Art

Flannel and Lace by @chalkboardnails

Tough, rugged flannel meets soft and sweet lace! Though I know it's not even Halloween yet, this manicure feels perfect for winter. The Christmas-y plaid with the silver accent has me thinking cocoa and fireplaces. Meanwhile, in the real world, it's still 95 degrees here in the good old desert. Ah, a girl can dream.

Flannel and Lace by @chalkboardnails

Nail polishes used:
China Glaze Tip Your Hat
China Glaze Out Like a Light
China Glaze I'd Melt For You

Tip Your Hat is a gorgeous deep red creme. It covered well in one coat but I've used two here, because everyone knows it's impossible to just use one coat of polish, even if you get full coverage! It can look quite a bit darker depending on the light.

I'd Melt For You is a flashy silver chrome. I painted two coats on my bare nail, so I can't speak to how it applies if you're wearing a base coat, but keep in mind that it does show ridges if you've got 'em. You've seen other silver chromes on the market and here's another to add to the list! A savvy shopper probably won't need to double up, but if you've somehow missed them in the past, this is a great piece to add to a collection.

I used Out Light a Light to paint the flannel and lace detailing freehand. It had great opacity and a nice formula that worked well for nail art. I love these sorts of deep greys, too.

Flannel and Lace by @chalkboardnails

Is it already feeling wintry where you are? Or are you still suffering the last legs of summer like me?

Check out the press release for the China Glaze Twinkle Collection for Holiday 2014 to see the rest of the shades in this lineup, which officially goes up for sale in November.

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Flannel and Lace - China Glaze Twinkle Collection Nail Art
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