Thursday, September 10, 2015

Rose Gold Ikat Patterned Nails

Rose gold ikat nails by @chalkboardnails

Today's 31 Day Challenge prompt really stumped me. It's "gradient," which seemed to trip me up with its simplicity! I did a few half manicures for this, but didn't love any of them and kept removing them to try something else. I ended up with this girly gradient and added a glamorous rose gold ikat print.

Rose gold ikat nails by @chalkboardnails

I used the following polishes in this look:
KBShimmer Lei It Again
KBShimmer Sarong Place, Sarong Time
Polish My Life Birthday Suit
Essie Penny Talk
Nicole by OPI Matte Topcoat

The Essie metallics are from an older collection, but I always reach for them when I need a metallic. I really love their finish and the way they dry down to such an even shine.

Rose gold ikat nails by @chalkboardnails

Check out my gradient manicures from past challenge years:

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Rose Gold Ikat Patterned Nails
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