Saturday, February 7, 2015

Nail School Week 4: Graduating to the Client Floor

Week four of nail school introduced us to actual clients, as well as rockstar gels, acrylic liquid and powder, and more. I even did a gel manicure for my instructor! I'm totally having a blast in school, and it's great to finally be on the floor working with real customers.

Manicuring and pedicuring evaluations
On this first day of week four, we were asked to perform a manicure and pedicure on a model to determine if we got to graduate to the client floor (where you work with real, paying customers). I asked my friend Jess to come in and she graciously obliged.

We had two hours to do a basic manicure and a basic pedicure, polishing both red and French to show that we can neatly and successfully do both. I passed the evaluation and had my first client that very afternoon!

Client work
I had some great clients for my first week! I did a few pedicures (one with a cute glitter accent toe), which went well, but the real moment of truth was when my instructor and owner of the school asked me to do her gel manicure before she went out of town that weekend. I was pretty nervous, to say the least, but it went well!

L: The acrylic exercise sheet, R: My gel manicure on my instructor

More work to be done
Just because we're working with clients now doesn't mean that we're done in the classroom! We still received a couple of new techniques to perfect...
  • Rockstar gel manicures: We learned how to do everyone's favorite super blingy glitter gels and get them to a perfectly glassy smooth finish! I haven't had a chance to perform rockstars on anyone yet, but I'm really looking forward to it.
  • Continuing cuticle work education: One of our instructors is very passionate about clean cuticle work! We got a few more demonstrations on how to get the nail plate super clean and prepped for services.
  • Learning to work with acrylic products: This week we got a peek into what week five would have in store. We began to work with our acrylic liquid and powder systems, learning how to handle the brush and place the beads of product. We used a plastic covered worksheet to get familiar and experiment with consistency.
We also had our test on chemistry at the end of week four, which I passed with flying colors!

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Nail School Week 4: Graduating to the Client Floor
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